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Resource Express Deposit (RED)

Resource Express Deposit (RED)

How much does it cost your business to travel to the bank to deposit your receipts?
When you consider the lost time and productivity of having employees make trips to the bank to make deposits, the costs add up. With Resource Express Deposit, you can scan checks in your office and deposit them to the bank electronically. Especially if your business handles a high volume of checks, or your offices are not located close to a financial center, More importantly it allows you the ability to get your money deposited on your time. RED is an efficient and cost-saving solution.

Resource Express Deposit can help you:

  • Eliminate trips to the bank, saving time and travel expense while freeing up time to be used to increase productivity.

  • Extend the banking day. Deposits can be made as late as 6 PM EST.

  • Consolidate accounts. If you have multiple locations or accounts, deposits can be transacted using the same equipment.

  • Simplify recordkeeping by maintaining and archiving images of all deposits and accompanying items.

  • Increase the productivity of your staff by allowing them the time to focus on what needs to be done to operate the business.

  • Reduce errors. Your deposit is electronic with each transaction captured, verified, and corrected if necessary. No need to purchase anymore paper deposit tickets.

How much could RED be worth to your business? Click on the calculator link below to find out.

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